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Archive for August, 2010

Bicycle tug-of-war

Posted by Chris under Fun Physics (29 Responds)

A wire is tied to a normal bicycle pedal that is stationary at the bottom of its arc.  If someone pulls this wire backwards (while another person lightly holds the seat to keep the bike balanced), will the cycle move forward, backward or not at all?  Assume that the wheels don’t slip and that the bicycle [...]

How high

Posted by Chris under Tom (7 Responds)

Some (n) people are standing in a queue. On average, how many of them can say that they are taller than everyone ahead of them?
NB The person at the front of the queue, can say that he is taller than everyone ahead of him.


The Court Martial of General Eketahuna

Posted by Karl Sharman under Tom (5 Responds)

At the end of the last century, General Eketahuna of Puzzlaria’s army was court martialed. The accusation was brought forth that a Puzzlarian soldier had killed an unarmed civilian in an opposing army. The General was considered responsible for the conduct of all his commands.
The defense had built its case on the possibility that a [...]


The Breath of Death (or smart air)

Posted by Chris under Fun Physics (7 Responds)

What is the probability that, in any breath that you take, that at least one molecule of it was exhaled by Archimedes in his last dying breath?
Assume that a breath contains 10^22 molecules and that the atmosphere contains 10^44 molecules.

Dynamite Fuses

Posted by Karl Sharman under Tom (20 Responds)

The villain, Chris, in an old black and white movie is planning on blowing up the old silver mine the following morning with his arch-rival Slavy inside. Historically, his method has been to light the dynamite with an hour long fuse, and get out of town.
Lately, he’s noticed that a few minutes before he’s about [...]



Posted by trickofmind under Tom (19 Responds)

A lightbiker ‘A’ is riding at 252 milesph on his 1600 R. Four bikes are following it at 251.9999 milesh. Two lightbikes decide to overtake biker A, by attaining a speed over 251 milesph but under 261 milesph. Two of the four bikes are faulty, and will break down at 254 milesph. Given that the [...]

Traveling Salesmen

Posted by forsythe303 under Logic (10 Responds)

Three traveling salesman (let’s call them Cam, Chris, and Slavy) from the Sharman Numple Company are on the road and find themselves in the same city.  Since Karl pays a per diem to his salesman the three decide to share one room and thereby each save some money for themselves.
They register at the front desk [...]


Posted by Atran under Tom (19 Responds)

How many queens can you place on a chess board so that none of them are able to attack any of the others? Can you prove that it is impossible to place more than your number? (Queens attack any distance vertically, horizontally, or diagonally)

New Business Opportunity – Make Money Fast

Posted by Karl Sharman under Tom (12 Responds)

You have just started up your new business, producing Numples.
The process for producing numples is fairly easy, but the procedure and sequence for operating the equipment takes precision timing and materials that need to be added and used at very specific intervals to keep things going and numples producing.
You produce numples in a system using [...]


Chris vs. Cam… Huh?

Posted by Karl Sharman under Tom (5 Responds)

Cam and Chris are chatting. Cam gives Chris a list of words…well at least some them seem to be words, the rest just seem like words, but nothing like Chris has seen before. After studying them, they have the following conversation:
Chris “Something is missing!”
Cam “You are correct.”
Chris “Aha. Nothing is missing.”
Cam “Again, you are correct”

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