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Bermuda Triangle

Posted by trickofmind on June 4, 2010 – 4:30 am

Whats wrong in the article ?

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  1. 1. Jay Said:

    I’m guessing that you wouldn’t be able to see the Florida coast sitting on the foredeck of a ship heading toward Miami.

  2. 2. Karl Sharman Said:

    1962 – Miami didn’t exist….?

    Alternatively the story is quite detailed as to what was happening on the ship prior to her disappearance, and never being heard from again….. How could anyone know what happened before the disappearance if no one was able to report on it?

  3. 3. Karl Sharman Said:

    Or see the Florida Coast at night?

    Miami became a city in 1892, so my first guess was wrong…

  4. 4. Clayton Said:

    that never happened in march of 1962 i researched it for awhile and found nothing about a boat named mulan in 1962 it could have happened before 1962 or after but not in 1962 i am only 16 and figured that out on my own but i like a good challenge on stuff like this but my theory could be wrong of course only the person who posted this know the answer or might not

  5. 5. Euclid's Brother Said:

    Karl stated exactly what I thought. The reporter shouldn’t know all those details if the ship just dissappeared. So, if the details are true, then the reporter was involved in the incident.

  6. 6. Richard Said:

    How do they know that the crew was relaxing and playing cards and smoking?

  7. 7. Chris Said:

    Must be a small ship being 50 foot long.

  8. 8. twoballs22 Said:

    The article did say that there was no evidence until now. It’s possible that the ship never reached it’s intended destination but showed up years later to tell their story to this reporter.

    My first thought was that the Captain couldn’t see the lighthouse beams because there weren’t any operational lighthouses on Florida’s coast in 62. I didn’t look that up though. If there were lighthouses, then could the Captain see the beams from his quarters? Are there windows for him to look out of? Just a few thoughts.

  9. 9. Castle Lighthouse Said:

    It should say “the crew WERE relaxing” instead of “the crew WAS relaxing” !!!

  10. 10. Timmy Said:

    how would the reporter know that if the ship went missing how did the reporter know all this and what new evidence did they find

  11. 11. Ryan Said:

    the bermuda triangle doesnt have a news paper????

  12. 12. tooks Said:

    the picture doesnt seem to match a “50 foot merchant ship”.looks like titanic or something. and upon reading: how could they tell a story of the crewmates if they never showed up? and to be a bit picky, should be vanished from the ocean.

  13. 13. Jay Said:

    Got it!!! (I think)

    The header says that it happened the MORNING of March 20th, but that the captain saw the beams of the lighthouse. Obviously, lighthouses aren’t turned on in the morning. You might say “Ah, but it could have been pre-sunrise” but we are told that the crew can see the Florida coast.

  14. 14. Jason Said:

    If the Mulan disappeared, and there were no survivors to testify what happened, how could the journalist report what the crew and the captain were doing the night before the incident?

  15. 15. day day Said:

    The boat was headed towards miami. It says at the beginning of the acticle they were looking at it. then toward the end it says it never made it to their desation which was miami they couldnt have been looking at the coast if they never made it there ^_^

  16. 16. vvk Said:

    miami doesnt have any lighthouses even remotely close to its shore, and if the whole ship and crew disappeared, how is anyone to know what the captain saw?

  17. 17. Stimpy Said:

    agree with #13, Jay

  18. 18. Gary Shark Said:

    1) Diesel engines were invented long before 1962. However, the pic showed a steam boat, burning coal.

    2) Cell phones were not invented by 1962. So, the crew must have communicated with the Land on radio. Why Radioman on the “50-footer” wasted time reporting: Crew members were playing cards, smoking, and watching coast?”

    3) “Nobody ‘heard’ any more from the ship…” reconfirmed that “Somebody ‘heard’ from the ship before the disappearance, the night before it disappeared next morning.”

    4) How did Radioman know: Captain was filling in Logbook, when Captain was ‘quietly’ alone in his cabin?

    5) Captain’s cabin was on the left-hand side of ship. Bahamas coast was supposed to be on the right-hand side, since the ship was sailing headed Northwest.

    6) Hard to play cards in the dark.

    7) The news article was dated as 1996 by But, the Archimedes Lab was not established until 2002 by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber — 6 years later.

    8) Note that they misspelled their own organization, missing letter ‘i’.

    9) In other words, this article was a fake.

    10) Interesting to also note: Archimedes Lab engaged in mind-games, which we readers and authors have fallen into the same trap of a similar mind-game, called “Trick of Mind”…

    11) There have been dozens of explanations of Bermuda Triangle. The most convincing one seems to be: “Alien Headquarters is underseas in that area. They don’t want human-beings witnessing their existence…”

    12) Therefore, maybe the Captain thought he was seeing lighthouse beam, while it actually was the beams from an UFO…?

    Did Captain tell Radioman, who in turn told Land: The Captain saw some light beams?

    13) Note: Bermuda Triangle is far from Florida coast line. Pls check the maps, as shown in Para (18).

    14) If the presumption in Para (12) was true, then the ship would have disappeared the previous night, destroyed by the UFO, with the beams which the Captain saw.

    15) The so-called ‘new evidence’ could have been the declassified truths regarding Roswell Wrekage. But, the declassification by government was not publicized until 2009.

    16) If the new evidence was so convincing, then why the news article didn’t quote detailed findings?

    17) Bermuda is 1,770 kM from NE of Miami, 1,030 kM to the East of North Carolina. Bermuda Triangle connects 3 Points: Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico.

    18) Article claimed: Mulan’s disappearance was classified as one of Bermuda-Triangle incidents, therefore, the ship was nowhere nearby any coast line, other than Bahamas. Check the following web page:

    19) Verifying all boats and aircrafts missing in the Triangle, nowhere to find ‘Mulan’. The closest one was ‘Maru’, which disappeared in 1925.

    20) Folks, we have been made fools out of ourselves…

    Gary Holms

  19. 19. Fat Guy Said:

    It sank.

  20. 20. Your name Said:

    If it was headed towards Miami and the coast was visible it couldn’t have been in the triangle!

  21. 21. Anon Said:

    If it headed through the Triangle to Miami then it couldn’t see the coast until after it got out of the Triangle, because there is no coast in the Triangle!

  22. 22. anon Said:

    If it headed next to the coast towards Miami, and then passed it, they could have reached the triangle, but the coast isn’t in the Bermuda triangle!

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