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The Devils Challenges Are Getting Easier

Posted by Karl Sharman on August 6, 2011 – 10:36 am

You have a meeting scheduled with the Devil. It’s on a Sunday, when you would normally be at church, but hey-ho – business before pleasure and all that. He wants revenge for having been foiled in the past…..

He proposes the following game:
Each of you will take turns placing a plate on a clean table. All the plates are the same size, lie flat on the table, and no plate may overlap another. The first person who is unable to place another plate on the table without it falling off or moving another place loses.

Usual deal – loss of soul, eternity in the fires of damnation and all that.

The table is a perfect circle, with a five foot diameter. Each plate is also a perfect circle with a ten inch diameter.

If you are given the choice of going first or second, which do you choose, and what will your strategy be?

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  1. 1. Nathan Said:

    Go first and place your plate in the center. then mirror the devil. as long as he finds a place, you have a place to put yours.

  2. 2. Kikifox Said:

    Well, if the table is 5 feet in diameter, thats an area of 2826 inches squared. (Pi times radius squared). The plates measure out to 314 inches squared each, meaning eight plates will fit, (nine would, except circles dont fit together perfectly) if both you and the devil play in such a way to make the most plates fit. If that is the case, you should go second. However, if you were to play so that each plate is 9 inches from every other plate (making so no plates can fit in between), that will significantly decrease the amount, allowing about 4 plates, give or take. Again, going second would be the better move here. But then, you can watch what strategy the devil usues as well, if he places one in the centre, chances are hes going to fit as many as possible, if he places one away from the edge but not the centre, he is likely placing as few as possible. Would i bartar my soul over this? Not likely, but thats cause i dont gamble.

  3. 3. SP Said:

    I agree with Nathan.

  4. 4. Chris Said:

    Nicely done Nathan :)

  5. 5. lil drizzy Said:

    i agree with nathan :)

  6. 6. jacqui Said:

    i wou;ld put the first plate down so i would also be the last plate down…………

  7. 7. Dawn Said:

    If I would play the game, I would choose to be the second. But, since that is sunday and I go to church every sunday, I’d rather not play the game and just be in church. Why would I choose to play or gamble with a devil than to listen to the wisdomful words in church?

  8. 8. leadfarmer5 Said:

    i like jacqui’s solution.. Nathan probably has the correct answer but i would just toss them on randomly and go for the 50/50 chance of eternal damnation and all

  9. 9. Karl Sharman Said:

    Obviously the Devil is getting a little simple in his old age – Nathan gets it right straight off the bat, with a damned(!) fine explanation.

  10. 10. Obnoxious Fox Said:

    I would rather go to church too…

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