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As simple as ABC, 123, Baby you and me… sing along if you know the words

Posted by Karl Sharman on September 15, 2011 – 9:42 am

You have a whole bunch of simple objects lying in front of you – describe the missing object. Whilst you are at it – put them in the right order…

1) A cylinder
2) A Dice (or die – for the pedantic)
3) A globe of the earth
4) A wooden wedge
5) A closed doll’s house
6) A piece of Paper
7) ???

I am sure the pedantics will chew me out over this, but hey-ho – I have broad shoulders

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  1. 1. Bekki Said:

    Number of faces:


    the missing one is a triangular pyramid=4…. um a cool shaped eraser?

  2. 2. Jake Said:

    a piece of string?

  3. 3. Wizard of Oz Said:

    Would this be how many surfaces each object has?
    1 = globe
    2 = piece of paper
    3 = cylinder
    4 = ??? tetrahedron?
    5 = wooden wedge
    6 = dice
    7 = closed doll’s house if you assume four walls, a floor and two roof areas

  4. 4. DP Said:

    globe, ** string? **, cylinder, paper, wedge, dice, doll house…?

  5. 5. Karl Sharman Said:

    Well 2 people have got it right – the other 2 gave the same different answer – now that seems like bad grammar…?

    So DP and Jake – why a piece of string?

    Bekki and Wizard of Oz storm home with a 4 faced object – a quadrahedron, if you will ;-) A sort of 3 faced pyramid + its base.

  6. 6. Dual Aspect Said:

    It’s not “pedantics”, it’s “pedants”

    Clearly I am one.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist!


  7. 7. DP Said:

    I don’t remember why I said string, but it is funny that we both got the same wrong answer. Especially since mine posted first (since Jake’s was awaiting moderation). So there was no way for him to see mine, and I didn’t look to see his either.

    Thinking back, maybe it had something to do with “edges”..?
    a globe has zero, string has…”1″..since it is a line..?, a cylinder has 2 (the edges are the circumferences of the circles at either end), paper = 4, wedge = 9, dice = 12, doll house = 15 (with the same assumptions as Wiz).
    I’m not sure on any of that. And now looking at it, it doesn’t make much sense anyway. Maybe Jake can tell me why I said string.

  8. 8. Knightmare Said:

    (singing along)

    reading and writing,arithmatic
    all the branches of the learning tree
    but listen,without the roots of love everyday,girl
    education ain’t complete

  9. 9. Karl Sharman Said:

    Well, Knightmare gets it right – the signing along bit anyway. Goes way down in my estimation now!! ;-)

    Pedantically speaking, Dual Aspect, your pedantry with regards the usage of pedant or pedantic is just the quibbling and hair-splitting of a pettifogging pedagogue, which is just abstruse and sententious. But my venerable Oxford Dictionary from the 19th Century does use both words as a noun to describe a dogmatist. ;-)

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