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iPod Cafe :)

Posted by TheBlazedInfernape on June 25, 2010 – 3:35 pm

Three friends Aura, Frost, and Frenzy go into a cafe to show each other their new iPods. They each have different kinds of iPods of different colors. As Frost and Frenzy sit down they take out their iPods as Aura gets their drinks that they  have each ordered. Aura comes back and takes out his iPod. Can you figure out who ordered what drink, has what iPod, and what color is the iPod from the clues given?

Okay, I’ll help you out some more. Here are some clues that might help:

• The three drinks are: Juice, Milk, and Tea.

•The iPod types are: an iPod Nano, an iPod Shuffle, and an iPod Classic.

•The iPod colors are; Black, Blue, and Purple

•Frost has an iPod Nano

•An iPod Classic is only silver or black

•Frenzy likes watermelons

•The person with the nano has tea

•Aura’s iPod is the smallest of them all

•Surprizingly the girl does not have a purple iPod

•The person with the classic does not like juice.

I hope you can solve it. :)


Oh wait, wait , wait. Frost is a girl.

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12 Responds so far- Add one»

  1. 1. wolf Said:

    frost has a blue nano while drinking tea
    aura has a black classic with milk
    frenzy has a purple shuffle with juice

  2. 2. Nathan Said:

    Aura had juice, and the purple iPod Shuffle.
    Frost had tea, and the blue iPod Nano.
    Frenzy had milk, and the black iPod classic.

  3. 3. reanne Said:

    aura had a purple shuffle and drank milk.
    frost had a blue nano and drank tea.
    frenzy had a black classic and drank juice.

  4. 4. TheBlazedInfernape Said:

    @ nathan you have got it right

  5. 5. XKB3 Said:

    But he likes watermelon? he would want juice.

  6. 6. Jasper Said:

    Aura,ipod shuffle,blue,juice
    Frost,ipod nano,black,tea
    Frenzy,ipod classic,purple,milk

  7. 7. MadHatter Said:

    Nathan’s got it!

  8. 8. Cici Said:

    Aura has a ipod shuffle thats purple and drank juice.
    Frost she has a blue ipod nano and she drank tea.
    Frenzy had ipod classic black and milk to drink.
    it was easy :P

  9. 9. lisa marie Said:

    frost has ipod nano. colour blue. and she drank tea.
    aura has the black ipod classic and drank milk
    frenzy has the purple ipod shuffle and drank juice

  10. 10. TheBlazedInfernape Said:

    @ cici i added too many hints but the next will be harder. btw u have it right

  11. 11. Czarina Said:

    Aura has a purple shuffle and is drinking juice.
    Frost has a blue nano and is drinking tea.
    Frenzy has a black classic and is drinking milk.

  12. 12. Stephanie Said:

    frost : blue ipod nano, tea
    aura: purple ipod shuffle, juice
    frenzy: black ipod classic, milk

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