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Uncles and Nephews (oh no)

Posted by Knightmare on April 4, 2012 – 11:01 pm

Chirs and Wiz were sitting at a table in a local bar when  cazayoux came in and sat at the same table. Chris introduced Wiz as “uncle Wiz”. Wiz introduced Chris as “uncle Chris”. Cazayoux said “if you are uncles to each other then you must also be nephews to each other.”

At that point Wiz said “that’s correct”

Since there is no breach of marriage law,how can this be?

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  1. 1. Wizard of Oz Said:

    Each is married to the other one’s aunt.

  2. 2. cazayoux Said:

    … or … i’ve sat in a pub in an area where the marriage laws are lax.

    he he

  3. 3. Knightmare Said:

    hi Wiz…nope
    they are uncles to each other, not by just marriage but by blood as well. and no, the laws are not lax.

  4. 4. BearSprite Said:

    It does not state in the question that the two uncles are telling the truth, and if so, so long as Wiz is lying everything is fine.

    Otherwise, we may need to define which marriage laws we are using – they differ in different nations, so we’ll need the set of laws we have to abide by.

  5. 5. Knightmare Said:

    hi BearSprite…if they were lying then the question would be void and you would not have seen it posted here

    as for the laws, let’s say that no one has married/breeded with anyone of blood relation of any kind

  6. 6. DP Said:

    Wiz’s brother had Chris with a female that then married Wiz’s grandpa.

  7. 7. Knightmare Said:

    DP…the first half of your answer is very close

    think symmetrically

  8. 8. DP Said:

    Chris’ sister had Wiz with a man that then married Chris’ grandma.

  9. 9. DP Said:

    A nephew is the son of ones brother or sister.
    An uncle is the brother of ones mother or father, or the husband of the sister of ones mother or father.
    You say there is blood-relation, and that it is not by marriage, so..I’m confused.
    Chris would have to be the son of Wiz’s brother or sister. And Wiz would have to be the son of Chris’ brother or sister.
    Also Chris would have to be the brother of Wiz’s mom or dad -or- Chris would have to be married to Wiz’s mother, but you said not by marriage, so I’m guessing that isn’t the relationship you have in mind. Also Wiz would have to be the brother of Chris’ mother or father (or married to Chris’ mother – if thta is allowed).

  10. 10. Knightmare Said:

    “Chris would have to be the son of Wiz’s brother or sister. And Wiz would have to be the son of Chris’ brother or sister.”

    that’s right DP, but there are no sisters
    it doesn’t look like anyone else is trying to get this one so when you want the answer just let me know 8)

    BIG HINT:half-brothers

  11. 11. DP Said:

    Ok, I think I’ve come up with a solution. It will be difficult to write up, and I can’t think of way to nicely show a family tree of some sort. Hopefully I can spell this out well enough for others to understand.

    Chris’ paternal grandmother had Wiz with a man born from Chris’ mother and another man unrelated to Chris.

    If you were to draw out that family tree, you could also say the same statement by switching the two names.

    I started with “Chris” in the middle. Above Chris are “mom” and “dad”. Above dad is “Gma” and “Gpa”. Gma along with “man#1″ have “Wiz” (dad’s half-brother). Above man#1 is mom and “man#2″.
    The mom referred to here is Chris’ mom. This is mostly complete, but this graphically only shows me that Wiz is Chris’ uncle, so I went one step farther and showed Chris being Wiz’s uncle.
    To do this I went back to the beggining where dad and mom are above Chris. Next to mom is man#2. They have man#1. Next to man#1 is Gma (Chris’ paternal grandmother). Man#1 and Gma have Wiz.

  12. 12. Knightmare Said:

    LOL…that looks good to me DP, but it isn’t the answer i had.

    your solution: Chris’ half-brother (on his moms’ side) married Chris’ grandmother (on his dads’ side) and had a child (Wiz). Wiz is the uncle because Wizs’ half-brother is Chris’ father, and Chris is the uncle because Chris’ half-brother is Wizs’ father. this seems to work just fine and is very similar to the…

    source solution: two unrelated men (let’s call them A and B) married each others’ mother. one son was born to each marriage (Wiz and Chris). Wizs’ father is A and his half-brother is B. symmetrically, Chris’ father is B and his half-brother is A.

  13. 13. DP Said:

    Ah ha…much simpler. I should read more carefully what answers have been given and what it is that you dismiss as an incorrect answer.
    I read Wiz’s post#1 as the answer you just gave, not realizing they were not equivalent. Since in post #3 you say it wasn’t only by marriage, I thought it to be more complicated.
    Well…it looks like I went well into the branches of each of their family trees, and got a mouth-full of leaves. It’s good to know there is no incest in either of Wiz’s or Chris’ bloodlines.
    Thanks for the problem Knightmare.

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