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Posted by ragknot on July 27, 2013 – 5:45 pm

Last year on my grand daughters birthday I built a swing for her.    She still loves it and I have to swing her.  She has turned 7 now and today I thought of a Trick of mind while swinging her.

The swing is about 3 foot from the ground because she wanted it high.  But after a few minutes her average height is 8 to 10 foot high. (not going less than 6 foot from the ground).

Huh? how can that happen?

Easy Trick of mind.

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  1. 1. Wizard of Oz Said:

    I guess it all depends on the length of the chain holding the swing seat off the ground. If your grand daughter doesn’t go above the horizontal then to reach the maximum average height of 10 feet the chain would need to be 7 feet long. But if this is only an average, and the minimum height is 6 feet, then a longer chain is needed to get to this average.

    But if she goes above the horizontal, then the question is how much higher? All the way up and over? I don’t think so!

    Maybe the question needs clarifying.

  2. 2. ragknot Said:

    No chain.

    One 3/4 inch blue and white rope, 20 foot long, but about 5 feet loops back down and is tied to the other 15 foot part. And nothing is horizontal.

  3. 3. Wizard of Oz Said:

    Does this mean that the swing that you “built” is just a length of rope slung over a branch (or whatever) and the ends tied together?

    I still don’t understand the question.

  4. 4. DP Said:

    What it sounds like you are explaining is that the bottom of the swing is 3 feet to the ground, and that there is at least another 3 feet to the top of her head. So the height difference is made up between the ‘height’ of your granddaughter (from the bottom of her seat to the top of her head) and the thickness of the swing.
    Maybe it is a tire-swing with the bottom of the tire at 3 feet above the ground, and she likes to sit on the top of the tire, placing the top of her head well above 6 feet.

  5. 5. jan jansen Said:

    in rest the swing is 3 feet above the ground. but when she is swinging she is swinging above a deep cliff some of the time.

  6. 6. jan jansen Said:

    I guess that doesnt work in combination with this:
    “(not going less than 6 foot from the ground)”


  7. 7. jan jansen Said:

    she makes loops and therefore the rope is wrapped around the branch. and her height becomes bigger.

  8. 8. DP Said:

    I guess the simple answer is that it is simply a rope swing that she puts her foot (or feet) in to, and she is taller than 3 feet. That would mean as she swings in a standing position, her ‘average height’ is greater than 6 feet, but never swinging so that her height is below 6 feet.
    The idea Jan posed would also increase her ‘average height’ if she were to be swinging over a creek or some other lower elevation. Even if the tree were on a hill this could be true depending on the slope above and below the resting position of the swing, especially if the tree were at the top peak of a hill.

  9. 9. ragknot Said:

    The swing seat is a circle, about 18 inches in diameter. Through the middle is a 4 foot steel pipe, with about 8 inches underneath the swing.

    I measured the stuff yesterday. The swing now is only 2 feet from the ground. The big rope goes in the pipe to a tree limb 16 foot high. My hand held 30 foot rope is connected to the bottom pipe.

    After the swinging begins on my right side, I begin to pull on my left when she is far away. Each pull begins a huge circle where it goes down on the other side, but goes higher on each pull I make.

    She wears a seat belt around her waist and the pipe and she puts out both arms like she is flying around and around in the 6 to 10 foot circle.

    The swing is shared by lots of the kids in our neighborhood, and they get their big sisters or brothers to pull them.

    Did anyone know it was a circle, not a back and fourth normal swing?

  10. 10. ragknot Said:

    Did anyone consider a swing that just went in high circles? After I get the curve going, it stays up until I stop pulling it.

  11. 11. Esha Said:

    You are probably counting her height (sitting) as well. The swing is 6 ft above the ground i.e. base of the swing. She is however 8-10 ft above (she=top of her head/

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