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The Speed Of Light

Posted by TheWyvern on November 12, 2010 – 4:16 pm

how could we measure the speed of light from holy book (Any holy book .i.e. the holy qur’an – the bible …etc)..but the proof from within it’s verses ..?! of course the Proof will mainly depend on scientific explanation to get the speed of light .

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  1. 1. TheWyvern Said:

    *From its verses*,sorry my mobile dictionary is sick! :d

  2. 2. Anonymous Said:

    Using a laser, a very long evacuated tunnel, and a fast acting photo sensitive device we could measure light with a holy book or any book for that matter.

    Close the book in a a very rapid matter (mechanical means would be required to do this at a precise speed). At the instant the device starts to close the book turn on/reveal the laser at the end of a very long evacuated tunnel (opposited side from the book). When the book is closed the book obstructs the photo sensitive device from the laser.

    Speed up the book closing until the photo sensitive device no longer sees any light.

    The speed of light (measured at cusp of seeing/not seeing light at photo sensitive device) will then be:
    (length of the tunnel + the length of the page)/(time required to close book)

    Of course a fudge factor needs to be included for time to send signal to turn on laser, and time for photo sensitive device to actually see laser.

    At least that’s how I’d go about it.


  3. 3. TheWyvern Said:

    cam , i need verse from holy book you can get the speed of light throw its meaning by scientifical way

  4. 4. Karl Sharman Said:

    In the beginning it was dark, then the Big Man said “Give me some sugar, baby” and there was light.

    I may not remember my bible too well, but I think those were the opening lines….. The rest of the story is a bit hazy in my memory. I’ll read it again, so no spoilers please!

    Knowing the length of time it takes to approx. say the words, and knowing the speed of light, I can work out how far away heaven is, approx.

  5. 5. Karl Sharman Said:

    He directs the affairs from the heavens to the earth: then it ascends unto Him, on a Day the measure of which is a thousand years of your reckoning (32:5)

  6. 6. Karl Sharman Said:

    Sorry, posted before I finished….

    This is the only text that pops up that claims to indicate the speed of light. This assumes that “the affairs” is light, heaven is the sun….

  7. 7. TheWyvern Said:

    No karl , there’s another clear one..

  8. 8. TheWyvern Said:

    But from the holy qur’an..there are a similarty between your verse and its one ..

  9. 9. Osman Said:

    God dosent play the number game. Infact he has told us to avoid it in the Quran. He has created absolute balance in everything. We can only estimate through scientific research. sometimes we are closer to the truth, sometimes farther, and some times we are even at it. theories are meant to be proven wrong. like the shape of an atom is considered by the scientists to be hexagon, but in classes they teach us that its Circle. Can you believe it we havnt actually seeen an atom yet. but we will soon once that atom smasher starts working. but there are other things in Quran that boogles even the most cunniving minds to consider it as a word of God. like the verse in the quran that explain how the baby is shaped inside a womb, how honey bees work, how man will transgress the boundries of this world, how the universe was created, how is it gonna end, how are conciousness are related. numbers provide a fine line, ones which are clear. God isnt clear he has left a mystery in every individual. Those who will want to solve that mystery sincerely will find him. But those who dont want it will never find him. He will make them distant to himself.

  10. 10. TheWyvern Said:

    Osman , I Posted The Answer >>

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