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Insert missing letter

Posted by nordtorp on November 29, 2010 – 2:17 pm

Find which letter should replace the question mark.

     J P T
  E M R X Y
  C Q M G I
     X T ?

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24 Responds so far- Add one»

  1. 1. elliotte guzman Said:

    the q needs to be replaced cause there no u

  2. 2. nordtorp Said:

    No response yet, here’s a hint:
    The letters can be replaces by numbers

  3. 3. IP Said:

    Can’t figure it out , until now this is what I have done but still can’t find a connection.

    J P T

    E M R X Y

    A I V B F B E

    C Q M G I

    X T ?

    At least this will save others some time from trying the useless thing I did.

  4. 4. MightBeWrong Said:

    I’d say either B or T will work.

    as a random try, i replaced each letter with it’s order in the alphabet, then added the digits:

    first line ‘J P T’ ‘10 16 20′ -> 1+0+1+6+2+0 = 10

    Following this trend, your puzzle becomes:

    so since letter B is #2, and T is #20, either will work…?

    Totally a random stab at this since i have no idea what you are going for.

  5. 5. MightBeWrong Said:

    the trend should be

    assuming a ‘mirrored’ appearence, that is why the 5th line should be 10 (8+2)

  6. 6. nordtorp Said:

    MightBeWrong, good guess, but I have another solution. Maybe you will get it by my next hint.

    IP, you are not in the right direction.

    Hint #2:
    Start at the letter ‘A’ and go clockwise.

  7. 7. Rohan Said:


  8. 8. TrickOfMind Said:

    It’s V or M or D

  9. 9. nordtorp Said:

    Rohan, do you mean 14 as in the letter ‘N’?

    If, so you have the correct answer.

  10. 10. Rohan Said:

    Yes nordtorp, I meant the same. :-)

  11. 11. nordtorp Said:

    Okay, some days have gone, not too many who tried.

    The answer is ‘N’ as Rohan mentioned.

    Rohan, would you like to have the honor to explain how you found out?

  12. 12. Rohan Said:

    Hi nordtorp. It would be my pleasure.

    replace the alphabets with numbers and rearrange as follows:

    10 16 20
    5 13 18 24 25
    1 9 22 2 6 2 5
    3 17 13 7 9
    24 20 x

    starting from 1 and going clockwise, add 4 to get 5,then add 5 to get 10,then add 6 to get 16.
    keep repeating this pattern of adding 4,then 5 and then 6.
    when u reach a total of 26,restart from 0.

    In the said pattern above, we get x as 9+5 which is 14 (N) and continuing the sequence, we have 14+6 = 20.

    @nordtorp I could only do it after the 2nd hint.

  13. 13. Rohan Said:

    Hi Chris n nordtorp. thnx Chris for explaining the spacing thing to us.

    nordtorp, you seem to have learnt how to to do it. so i will be lazy for now. you can post the arrangement of the letters with the correct spacing if some one asks for it ;-)

  14. 14. nordtorp Said:

    Already done ;)

    I will edit this post and delete our comments after a while.

  15. 15. Rohan Said:

    Oh yes.i saw that you deleted the previous posts along with chris’s explanation.

    “i hope you delete this post too.”

    i was going to look at the method that chris explained,of getting the spaces rite.but now the post is gone. neways…….no harm done…..u or chris can explain it to me again if ever i need it. though i doubt it since i dont post problems.

    and i hav posted the answer to ur missing letter problem. its ‘c’
    the first and last letters add up to the middle letter (when converted to numbers)

    working on the missing number problem now

  16. 16. nordtorp Said:


    The way I did it was by holding ALT down and then type 0160 on the num pad.

    That is ALT+0160. You have to do this on the num pad to get it to work.

  17. 17. Rohan Said:


    well…………my laptop doesn’t have a num pad……so i will try later from a desktop………thnx…..i hav copied down the code

  18. 18. Chris Said:

    Rohan, I bet you laptop has got a Fn button, and some numbers on the right habd side of your alpha keys.

    I’ll repost my editing aid on the prisoner problem blog.

  19. 19. Rohan Said:

    Chris, i do have a fn operates the f1,f2,f3……f12 commands. without pressing the fn key, the f1……..f12 key operate as shortcuts for audio,brightness,etc. thats the only function i know of the fn key.

    and my laptop doesn’t have a num pad… no number keys to the right of the alpha kaeys…….only page up, page down, home, end keys.

  20. 20. Chris Said:

    Rohan I meant a key “Fn” literally. Probably on nearside left of your keyboard (next to ALT). You’ll also have overlays (usually in light blue) that are in force while the Fn key is pressed.

  21. 21. Chris Said:

    I also meant the numbers on the the alpha keys. Probably on UIOP and adjacent rows.

  22. 22. Rohan Said:

    Hi chris. I said the same. I have the “Fn” key next to the left ctrl button. i know that some laptops have the num pad printed in superscript on the keys o,p,l,; ……..somewhere in those nearby keys…….but my laptop doesn’t have that

  23. 23. Eketahuna Said:

    I think Rohan must have one of the newer style laptops (e.g. Thinkpad Edge) which no longer have the numeric keypad portion. Seriously cut down keyboards which can be a pain and require a USB numeric keypad or keyboard to get those functions.

  24. 24. Chris Said:

    Thanks Eketahuna. I’ve found a picture of a Thinkpad Edge. I agree no numeric keypad.

    Try ALT+Fn 0160

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