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where is the other dollar?

Posted by miggy on December 4, 2010 – 8:36 am

one time me and two other of my friends were strolling around a mall, my two friends have money and i don’t have any, as we were passing by a shirt store i saw a shirt and instantly i wanted to buy it but i don’t have any money, the shirt costs $27, what i did was i borrowed $15 from each of my friend thereby gathering $30 all in all, so i purchased the shirt and got a change of $3, my much eagerness to pay them as fast as i could i used my change to pay them off partially so i gave them each $1 so what’s left of me is only $1,’s the question, if i gave them each $1 dollar my debt will be reduced to $14 dollars to each of them, totaling $28 and i still have a dollar left of my change, when added will all be $29, but since my debt is $30 where is the other $1?

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  1. 1. Wizand Said:

    Please don’t take up accounting because you are
    mixing assets with debits. Right now you have
    a debt of $30 but you hold a $27 shirt and $3.
    If you pay each a dollar you have a debt of $28
    dollars and assets of a $27 shirt and $1. Adding
    your asset of a $1 as a debt does make much sense.
    It should be subtracted so that you owe each $13.50
    and hold the asset of a $27 shirt.

  2. 2. Zgdawg Said:

    I think it’s because since toghther they gave you 30$ and you kept one it isnt the same Ive heard a Problem like this before however the explanation is very different

  3. 3. Tiffany Said:

    $15+$15 = $30
    $30-$27 = $3
    $1 given to each – $2
    leaves debt of $14each, total $28 (the question has you add the extra dollar change here, which has nothing to do with the debt owed.)
    $30-$2 = $28

  4. 4. Ajmal Said:

    Hey you barrow 15$ from each of ur friend and u paid 27 from the boot of ur friends money it means u paid 13,5$ from each of ur friend and u have 3$ with ur self and u paid 1$ for each of ur friend and u have 1 doller with ur self so the calculation is correct.
    13,5+13,5=27 the money u paid for the shirt
    1+1=2 the money u give to ur friends
    1 the money u have with ur self
    so total is 30$ dollors….

  5. 5. Peter Said:

    The debt is $28. What value does that debt represent? It is the cost of the shirt $27 plus the $1 change you have left which equals $28!

    In the question it is wrong to add the $1 to the debt, it must be subtracted from the debt. So there is no mystery about the ‘missing’ $1.

  6. 6. Rohan Said:

    I agree with Peter.

  7. 7. miggy Said:

    tiffany has a point but her explanations are hard to be understood but so close though,..peter got it right, some part of the questions were just teasers, it is however for the reader to decode irregularity of the question,..

    on the question, you will have to disregard the debt $28 but shall go back to the original price of the shirt w/c is $27, plus the $2 paid and the remaining $1=$30

  8. 8. Anthony Elmore Said:

    what you do wit that dollar is irrelevant, you will still end up paying 30 after the 28

  9. 9. mike Said:

    the dollar is in the shirt. If you owe each person $14 which is a total of $28. The shirt was $27.
    what you still owe ($28) = cost of shirt ($27) + your last dollar ($1)

    tada! i used to tell a variation of the riddle as a pizza delivery order and a tip although I did forget how it went : P.

  10. 10. julmartz814 Said:

    Actually, if you are at hand, The 3 dollars is your change? Why pay it to your friends if you could keep it and save before paying the whole amount, because it makes the puzzle more confusing. The working equation would be wrong.

  11. 11. Keith Said:

    To make this simplest to understand: What is purchased should not even be considered. We should be just looking at what is borrowed. $30 is borrowed… you can buy a shirt, a soda, a hamburger… it doesn’t matter.

    Borrowed 30: Therefore Owed 30:

    They already paid back 2 (even if it is from part of the money borrowed)… they still owe 28. If they want to use that extra $1 to go towards the 28… then great, they still need to raise $27.

  12. 12. sunarsh Said:

    this question is a masterpiece…………
    it simply tends to confuse us with debt and actual possession of the debt taker .the thing is he owes each one 14.50$ not 14$
    so which makes it to 29+1=30

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