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Who killed Grandpa.?

Posted by julmartz814 on December 6, 2010 – 6:47 am

There is a family that lives in a circular house. Then, grandpa suddenly shouted from the comfort room. The father rushed in just to see his father dead. They hired a detective to see who really killed grandpa. He asked the same question to everyone. “What are you doing at the time of the crime?”

They answered:

Father- fixing my car when I heard a loud scream

Brother-Playing PSP

Sister-I was blogging about my friend’s failing grade

Grandma-I was reading newspaper in the corner of our house

Mother-I was cooking Lunchmeat Sandwiches

…After it, the detective new the answer. Now, who killed grandpa.?

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  1. 1. Jay J Said:

    Grandma. There are no corners if the house is indeed circular.

  2. 2. Bekki Said:


  3. 3. Wizard of Oz Said:

    Well, Grandma and Mother weren’t telling the truth.
    Grandma claimed to be in the “corner” of a circular house.
    Mother was “cooking” cold meat sandwiches.
    But lying about what they were doing doesn’t mean that they killed Grandpa, it just means that they were lying.
    So . . . ?

  4. 4. DP Said:

    Wizard: Have you ever slapped some butter on the bread, made the sandwich, then threw it on a skillet? deliciously melty cheese…

    anyway, it was Grandma as stated by Wizard…she was lying, since there are no corners.

  5. 5. allaboutme Said:

    the grandma said she was in the CORNER of the house when the fact is there is no corner in a round house

  6. 6. RadioKirby Said:

    It’s Grandma. She can’t be in the corner of a circular house.

  7. 7. Shelley Said:

    The grandma was guilty, since it is a circular house. But the outside of the house could be circular and have different rooms that are made out of squares.

    There actually could be corners in this house and she could be lying and not have killed the grandpa.

  8. 8. Karl Sharman Said:

    DP & Wizard of Oz – Grandpa gave me a recipe for Princess Sandwiches before he was killed…

    Make a normal jam sandwich, batter it (not with a baseball bat as in “The Untouchables”, but with a egg, flour and milk mixture used in the making of Yorkshire Puddings) and deep fry the sucker. Lightly sprinkle with sugar and serve warm.

    Other than a few calories more than is required by the average male in a week, and the potential clogged arteries… its a nice butty!

  9. 9. uertt7 Said:


  10. 10. lizzie Said:

    the grandpa

  11. 11. Nicky Said:

    Grandma did it!!!!

  12. 12. John Smith Said:

    Either mother or grandma, but maybey they killed him together!

  13. 13. Ryan Said:

    It was Grandma because circular houses don’t have corners.
    [she must of hated her husband!!!]

  14. 14. ali Said:

    grndma ……..she was sitting at the corner bt the room was circular…..

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