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Who killed Grandpa.? ..2..

Posted by julmartz814 on December 6, 2010 – 10:42 am

It’s already Sunday. There is a happy family. Their  grandpa suddenly shouted from the comfort room. The father rushed in just to see his father dead. They hired a detective to see who really killed grandpa. He asked the same question to everyone. “What are you doing at the time of the crime?”

They answered:

Father- eating cereal

Brother-Playing PSP

Sister-Texting my classmate for the schedule tomorrow

No Grandma

Mother-I was dropping a mail in the Post Office

…After it, the detective new the answer. Now, who killed grandpa.?

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  1. 1. DP Said:

    Being sunday, it is probable that the sister is figuring out the schedule for the next day at school, however the post office will not be open….so….Mother happens to be lying…must be her.

  2. 2. Bekki Said:


  3. 3. nordtorp Said:

    I have to agree with DP. The post office ain’t open on Sunday.

  4. 4. Rohan Said:

    Since Post Office is closed on Sunday….mother was lying.

  5. 5. allaboutme Said:

    mother is dirty rotten filthy liar. you will pay for killing a sweet frail old man. Bwa ha ha

  6. 6. kristie Said:

    i say the mother killed him because the post office is never open on sundays.

  7. 7. RadioKirby Said:

    It’s mother. Post offices aren’t open on Sunday

  8. 8. mike Said:

    mother all the way… how do we find out whodunnit?

  9. 9. slavy Said:

    Ask Scottie Pippen or Karl Malone about that – they will definitely know :)

  10. 10. Spencer Said:

    This may sould weird but what country do you live in, slavy

  11. 11. Chris Said:

    I know, but I’ll let him answer.

  12. 12. slavy Said:

    Hi Spencer – Germany :)

  13. 13. Chris Said:

    Hi julmartz814. You have a lot of pending posts. If you’re not already a full-blown author, you’ll need to contact Rajesh Lal and ask him to make you into one. You’ll then be able to approve, reject and edit posts for your own blogs.

  14. 14. Said:

    the mother

  15. 15. miggy Said:

    of course mother killed grandpa coz the post affice couldn’t possibly be open on sundays!

  16. 16. Gaurav Said:

    Mother…Post offices are closed on sunday

  17. 17. uert7 Said:


  18. 18. Nicky Said:

    Obvoisly the mother killed her because the post office isn’t open on sunday!

  19. 19. diana Said:

    the mom because the post office isn’t open on sundays

  20. 20. Jeff Said:

    But it IS possible to drop a mail in the post office on Sunday. It won’t go out until Monday but you can still drop it off.

  21. 21. ankit Said:

    mother as she was lying because post office is closed on sunday

  22. 22. KnightWizard Said:

    Grandpa killed himself cause he felt like it

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