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Who killed Grandpa? ..3..

Posted by julmartz814 on December 6, 2010 – 6:54 am

There is a happy family that is in a Japanese warship. Their  grandpa suddenly shouted from the deck. The father rushed in just to see his father dead. They hired a detective to see who really killed grandpa. He asked the same question to everyone. “What are you doing at the time of the crime?”

They answered:

Father- Cleaning the suite



No Grandma

No Mother

Chef- Cooking for the Catering event for lunch

Sailor- Turning over the warship’s national flag

Captain- Navigating the whole ship for cracks or leaks

General- Training their army for the next battle ahead

…After it, the detective new the answer. Now, who killed grandpa.?

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  1. 1. Bekki Said:

    The Sailor.

  2. 2. DP Said:

    Ever seen the Japanese flag? it’s a white rectangle with a red circle. if you turn it upside down, it looks like a white rectangle with a red circle.
    sounds doubtful that they would have that tradition.
    Sailor, you are lying, and you will pay for killing grandpa.
    Good thing he seems to keep bouncing back for the next riddle…

  3. 3. allaboutme Said:

    i would have to say the sailor cause who turns a flag upside down. so now you will pay for killing a sweet frail old man. Bwa ha ha ha

  4. 4. Spyder Said:

    DP, nice catch on the flag… But, on a warship wouldn’t the General be training their Navy not Army?

    Does “turning over” just mean swapping the flag for a new one?

    Maybe the General is the real culprit…

  5. 5. Chris Said:

    Spyder, generals are usually in charge of soldiers, not sailors. Warships can be used to carry army personnel.

  6. 6. brad Said:

    y was the chef cooking for an event on a warship???
    mayb it was him

  7. 7. Cory Said:

    the sailor did, the flag looks the same anyway you turn,
    but then again why would the chef be catering on a war ship??

  8. 8. Interesting Said:

    What about the father? Im pretty sure there arnt hotels on a warship…

  9. 9. Paul H Said:

    I suspect the father. Grandpa yelled for some other reason. The father rushed in, hit grandpa with the door and killed him accidently.

    Or because in all 3 versions of the riddle “The father rushed in just to see his father dead”, perhaps the father expected to see him dead because he did something. Why else would he “rush in” in order to “just see his father dead”.

    The father did it every time.

  10. 10. Alaric Said:

    try the captain why would he be looking over the ship for a leak? most would be obvious and he would have his lower ranking crew looking for potential hazards.

  11. 11. uert7 Said:


  12. 12. sunarsh Said:

    it must be general because he was on deck at the time incident
    p.s. a group of soldiers can only be trained on a deck ………….
    general was lying

  13. 13. jack Said:

    chef.. are they having a banquet during a battle

  14. 14. jry Said:

    father no doubt

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