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1/2 a Kid

Posted by trickofmind on May 18, 2010 – 1:13 am

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson have 5 children.

Half of them are boys…

How is this possible?


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  1. 1. Moshiur Said:

    All of them are boys

  2. 2. Ragknot Said:

    Well, at least 2.5 are boys.
    Either 3, 4 or 5 are boys

  3. 3. Ashley Carter Said:

    the other half is all boys too

  4. 4. Your name Said:

    together they have 10 children therefore 5 of the ten are boys simple

  5. 5. Ardis Shante` Said:

    theyre all boys.

  6. 6. Jappa Said:

    @your name:
    it does not say each, thus together they total 5 children

  7. 7. Another Your name Said:

    It doesn’t have to say!!
    Mr.Wilson is not related to Mrs.Wilson!! So, They have 5 children of their own!! –> 10/2 = 5
    This is how it is possible!! SO Simple…

  8. 8. dde Said:

    transgender duh

  9. 9. B. Shane Said:

    One of the 5 kids is a hermaphrodite.

  10. 10. Abdo Said:

    half of the family are boys which is right .. 3 men and 3 ladies ..

  11. 11. bob Said:

    together they have 10 children

  12. 12. jay&rina Said:

    2 are boys and 2 are girls and one is a hermaphidite!(: your welcome!

  13. 13. Umair Said:

    1 child is addopted then out of 4 children, there are 2 boys and 2 girls

  14. 14. James Said:

    what’s a hermaphidite?

  15. 15. bob Said:

    They don’t say who the “them” is. are. Whatever. Anyways its probably Mr. and Mrs. wilson that is the “them” Or chuck norris comes in a spaceship and round house kicks them all into PLUTO!!!

  16. 16. Chris Said:

    Hermaphrodite: one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs.

  17. 17. Lilly Potter Said:

    one is half boy, half girl

  18. 18. alysia Said:

    okay 2 of them are boys
    and ones a dike

  19. 19. chris wilson Said:

    some are hermaphrodites maybe mr and mrs wilson are brother and sister, then again maybe they had 10 children and Mr. wilson lost his job and they killed and ate the others who cares.

  20. 20. nicholas Said:

    one of them is a conjoined twin that shares a sexual organ

  21. 21. mac Said:

    they had 1 of the boys legs chopped off. That was 1 of the saw caricatures

  22. 22. Jason Said:

    maybe Mrs. Wilson is pregnant with with twins two half children.
    or maybe one of the five kids has multiple personality disorder, like me, but the doctor says we’re okay now.

  23. 23. Can't Wait Said:

    It is already June, so what’s the answer?

  24. 24. Fireball Said:

    It said mr. and mrs.Wilson both have 5 so together they have 10 so half of the boys will be 5

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