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Seasonal Greetings to the Masses

Posted by Karl Sharman on December 23, 2010 – 11:12 am

As you may have already noticed, this Christmastide notification is not the average, everyday, run of the mill, ho-hum quality. No! This is re-usable. What you may not have realised yet is that this may well be the last seasonal greeting you will receive from me. That is why it is re-usable.

“Seasons Greetings” can cover many things – New Year, Christmas, Easter, Yom Kippur, Hogmanay, Samhain and so on. Last year I received no less than 227 Christmas cards. 97 were other company cards, of which 22 were subsequently duplicated by a further “private” card from the same sender, 2 from ex-staff who in truth would rather see me dead than having a Happy Christmas, 7 from people I did not know, 1 to my works address wishing me a happy retirement, 84 were from people I see nearly every day at work or play where I live. The other 14 were from family members who had not lost my address.

What price a Christmas Card? Well, on average, lets say £1.50, plus postage……
Yes, you’ve probably heard it all before. I reckon that my 227 greetings in total represented about £420.00 of cost, and that doesn’t include the time and effort involved in writing, sorting and sending the cards.

Now I don’t begrudge traders a fair and honest profit, but Christmas, like Easter has become commercialised beyond my ability to finance, after all, it costs me about the same amount to respond to all my well-wishers.

This year, as every year, I wish you well my Dear Friend, and will take it as read that you wish me the same good fortune. Please re-use this notice in future years to remind yourself of your generous good wishes to me and mine, and of my best wishes to you and yours.

For the future, I shall be contributing the material costs of my good wishes to you and yours to a “Good Cause”. You may of course wish to do the same – I will understand.

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  1. 1. Wizard of Oz Said:

    This is the longest Christmas message I’ve received!

    Seasonal greetings back to you and also to all who may come across this post from the Wiz family in this fabulous land of Oz.

  2. 2. Random Guy Said:

    Too lazy to read, wont be solving this yet :P

  3. 3. cazayoux Said:

    Merry Christmas!!
    (and that didn’t cost me one extra pence) :)

  4. 4. Knightmare Said:

    Merry Christmas Karl and keep up the good work you are doing on this site,i enjoy all of your posts :}

  5. 5. Chris Said:

    Thanks Karl, you’ve saved me a small fortune and thank you for helping to keep this site alive.

    Merry Christmas to all ToMers.

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