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What is the question?

Posted by TheWyvern on May 18, 2010 – 10:10 pm

mohamed want to reach the bus station because his care broke down in some his way there were 2 ways one on left ,one on right and small house in between ,he dunno the right way , in this house there were identical twins ,one of them always tell lies the other just tell the truth all the time ,mohamed dunno who is the liar and the reliable .. one of them was infront of the house smoking , mohamed has one question to ask to know the right way..what is the question would be? hint : the one who out the house would got into the house to ask his brother then tell mohamed the answer

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  1. 1. Nathan Said:

    mohamed asks the twin outside what the other twin would say if asked where the bus station is. This answer will be a lie, and the opposite direction is the way to the bus station.

  2. 2. pommie1978 Said:

    mohamed asks the twin outside if his brother is inside

  3. 3. bobby Said:

    ask if he smokes, that will let you know if he lies or not, then ask for directions

  4. 4. matt Said:

    mohammed knows the twin outside is the truthful one to ask for directions because he went to ask his brother for the answer the other twin would have just lied

  5. 5. rachel Said:

    ask the kid outside if he smoked. if he said no then he would not be telling the truth.

  6. 6. TheWyvern Said:

    nathan is right ,in fact he will ask the twin out side about the right way , the twin would get into house to ask his brother then backe to mohamed and tell him the answer , mohamed should take the opposite of the answer if the twin said right ,mohamed have to go left ..

  7. 7. TheWyvern Said:

    *The opposite answer

  8. 8. bob Said:

    do you go to the left?

  9. 9. sarah Said:

    eh. TheWyvern this does NOT make sense, how can you just choose that the one outside is the lier and go the opposite way?

  10. 10. Chris Said:

    Depends on what was being smoked.

  11. 11. Chris Said:

    sarah, TheWyvern didn’t say that the outside one is the liar.

  12. 12. TheWyvern Said:

    Mohamed would ask the one out side , where is the right way to the station?,he would get into the house to ask his brother,up till now mohamed dunno if the one outside is liar or not!,the one outside would ask his brother then his brother would answer him ,then he would go to you and tell you the answer ..

  13. 13. TheWyvern Said:

    There are Two possibilities .. if the one inside is liar he would tell his brother the wrong way so his brother would tell mohamed what his brother said coz he never tell lies ,mohamed has to take the opposite answer

  14. 14. TheWyvern Said:

    Let’s Assume that the inside one isn’t liar .. so he would tell his brother (Outside one) the right way..but his brother outside would tell mohamed the wrong wAy because he just tell lies .. then mohamed has to take the opposite way too , in any case he would take the opposite answer .. you got it??

  15. 15. TheWyvern Said:

    smoking just a trick to confuse you ! the smoker maybe liar and maybe not.. i cannot ask him if he smokes or not coz i already see him smoking !

  16. 16. jdawgbfrog Said:

    first of all, mohammed needs to learn how to speak proper english.

    He would ask one of the twins what the other twin would say.
    By asking this, he could actually ask either brother.

    If the correct path was left, then the liar would say that his brother would tell him to go right(because this is a lie)
    The truthful person would say that the liar would tell him to go right also because this is truthfully what he would say. The correct path would be the opposite of what they both would say.

  17. 17. Chris Said:

    The outside brother would know what the inside brother would say, so he wouldn’t bother going indoors to ask (especially as smoking would make him lethargic).

    If the outside brother is the liar he’d lie about the inside brother’s correct answer. If the inside brother is the liar, then the outside brother would truthfully say what the lying inside brother would say.

    Mohamed can’t simply begin by asking about the smoking as he can only ask one question. However, I’m sure that a compound question could be asked, using the fact that the outside brother is smoking, so that the inside brother is irrelevant. Sadly my brain has gone on strike, so I can’t provide it. But it would begin with something like, “If your answer to the question ‘do you smoke?’ is ‘yes’ then …”

    Nathan got it right on the first post. He simply didn’t explain his reasoning.

  18. 18. TheWyvern Said:

    need to learn english Properly,why?

  19. 19. sano Said:

    he would ask him if his brother is inside … if he went in and said yes then he is the one that tells the truth if no the opposite

  20. 20. Chris Said:

    sano, that doesn’t help to find the right way to go.

  21. 21. Kin Said:

    The riddle is cool, but was butchered! But read # 16!

    “Which way would your brother say the the bus station is?”

    (lets assume the bus station is to the right)

    LIAR would answer: “He’d say it’s to the left” (A LIE)

    “TRUTHSAYER” would answer: “He’d say it’s to the left” (THE TRUTH)

    Either way (and without knowing which one you spoke to) you’d know the stop was to the RIGHT!

  22. 22. nguyen thi hoa Said:

    who is liar? i want to talk with him.

  23. 23. primetime Said:

    I think the correct question would be, do you have a twin. If you ask is your brother in the and say no doesn’t mean he is lien. Why can’t the other brother be in the back of the house if he is in the front?

  24. 24. Jason Said:

    Nathan is right. I heard it a different way. This is a good way to get your friends thinking for days. I had my friends thinking about this one for weeks.

  25. 25. mitul Said:

    i will ask that.
    ” If i asked your brother that for bus-station which side i should go..? then what he will reply…”

  26. 26. Chris Said:

    primetime. You are only allowed one question. Your question doesn’t help find the way to the bus stattion.

  27. 27. Quaidjohar Haji Said:

    Let us assume that the guy outside is a LIAR –

    1) As he doesn’t know the route, he goes in, and asks the answer to his twin.
    2) The guy inside never speaks lie and gave him the correct answer.
    3) However the liar will lie to to mohammed and so mohammed has to take the opposite direction.

    NOW Let us assume the guy outside is the one who never speaks LIE –
    1) As he didn’t knew the answer, he does in and asks the route to the twin.
    2) However the guy inside is a LIAR and will lie the route to his twin.
    3) As this guy never speaks lie, he will reply the same answer to Mohammed and so Mohammed has to take the opposite direction again to follow the correct route.

  28. 28. Archie Said:

    What if the Twin smoking outside is the one who tells the truth? You asked him “What will your brother answer, if I asked him where the Bus Station is?”

    He might answered the “Left” (Lie) whereas he is telling the truth that his brother will tell a “Left” lie.

  29. 29. D Man Said:

    The question that should be asked is “Where is your brother?”

  30. 30. Chris Said:

    D. Man, how does that question help find the bus station?

  31. 31. TheWyvern Said:

    hey , guys i posted the answer :d … there is no another answer!!

  32. 32. Fat Guy Said:

    What about:

    Mohummad (whatever his name is) robs the twin of his map, then looks at it and finds out where to go?

    And how did he get there in the first place + how does he know to go towards the house to get to a bus stop?

    Does he have a mobile phone?

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