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Man in room, how does he get out…

Posted by tdeguzman on May 28, 2010 – 9:17 pm

There is a man in a room, with no windows doors, each wall, floor and ceiling is 6inches of concrete. All he has is a mirror with him. How does he get out? HINT: think outside the box.

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  1. 1. Arissa Said:

    Well you said the walls are six inches, and made no mention of this being their width, so I suppose since the wall is only 6 inches high, he just steps over the concrete?

  2. 2. Karl Sharman Said:

    Same way he got in…..

    BTW Arissa, if the walls were only 6inches high, what is supporting the ceiling?

  3. 3. James Said:

    the think outside the box was a clue: he’s in a box with a mirror in it

  4. 4. Nabeel Said:

    there are only three walls. the fourth wall is a reflection on the mirror

  5. 5. Karl Sharman Said:

    The room has only 3 sides, floor and ceiling, there is nothing to keep him in….?

  6. 6. bobby Said:

    he looked in the mirror and saw what he saw and used the saw to cut a hole in the room

  7. 7. Emily Said:

    I feel that he got out by a small exit as you say that it does not have windows or door but theres a small exit and he uses the mirror to cut the exit and make it bigger

  8. 8. John Said:

    you look in the mirror saw what he saw, take the saw and cut the mirror in half, two halves make a whole, jump through the hole and out to freedom

  9. 9. Quaidjohar Haji Said:

    Karl, I’ve read most of the replies, and I don’t think there is a solution for it however if there is any, can you please post the solution, its bugging me now… :)

  10. 10. Karl Sharman Said:

    Sorry Quaidjohar Haji, not my puzzle…..

  11. 11. kevinlwest Said:

    He walks back up the stairs and out of the basement. Who cares about the mirror he has with him. Insignificant detail!

  12. 12. mike Said:

    after millions of years after he will eventually dicompose and hell turn into sand and dust and liquified beacause there is no such man that could fit inside a room with those dimensions yeahh give me five yall.

  13. 13. Karl Sharman Said:

    Mike…. Liquefaction/putrefaction happens first, followed by dehydration. Takes about 200 years in a stone/concrete chamber in New Orleans cemeteries to dessicate a body.
    The room size isn’t specified, just the walls, floor and ceilings at “6 inches of concrete”. Admittedly this doesn’t specify thickness or height, but implies thickness when considering that a man is in the room
    No five for you! But, like Quaidjohar Haji I am getting bugged by this one now!

  14. 14. Emma Said:

    THE MIRROR IS THE ANSWER!!! He is already out! Well, you said think outside the box…

  15. 15. Ragknot Said:

    “Through the Looking Glass”

    Sounds like Alice in Wonderland

  16. 16. Stephanie Said:

    He wasnt in the room in the first place. it didnt say that he was IN that particular room!

  17. 17. Morgan Said:

    He looked IN the mirror and saw himself IN it. He smashed the mirror, didnt see himself anymore so he was OUT of the mirror. It never said he had to get out of the room it just says how did he get out.

  18. 18. Eketahuna Said:

    Isn’t there supposed to be a table in there as well ?

  19. 19. Jason Said:

    I think there should be a table for him to saw. Well, in the one I’m familiar with.

  20. 20. James Said:

    This is really bugging me now, I wish tdeguzman would post the answer.

  21. 21. jawdat Said:

    he posts the mirror on a wall and looks at it, this way his image will be outside

  22. 22. bobby Said:

    he looks in the mirror and sees his reflection, then he looks away. he then looks at his reflection again, so he sees what he just saw, takes that saw and cuts his finger off, sets it on the floor and cuts it into 3 pieces at the knuckles. three thirds makes a whole, so he jumps thru the hole whole into the room that was right next to the room he was just in. the only difference is that this room has a water slide at one end of the room that empties out into a land of happiness. he is now in a pool of grape drink under a blue sun. as he gets out of the pool, he walks down a street with a river of beer running along side it, so he fallows it to the source only to find it was all coming from a beer volcano which was in close proximity to a stripper factory. he felt he was now in heaven, he then woke up and found himself still in the room, but missing a finger…. so i guess there is no way to escape this room. i’m stumped.

  23. 23. Euclid's Brother Said:

    Here’s two solutions that I havn’t seen:

    * He imagines that the box contains the rest of the universe and the part he is in is actually the outside.


    * He breaks the mirror and slits his wrists. He bleeds to death. Once he’s dead, his spirit rises and leaves the box. Only his cold lifeless body is left behind.

  24. 24. ftpmon3ymak3n Said:

    I suppose the most likely answers are that there are only 3 or even 2 walls, or the possibility that there is a stairwell. However, we did have some grammer problems in the question so its possible we dont have all the facts and maybe something was lost in translation.

  25. 25. Jay Said:

    He walks through the curtain. He’s in a changing room.

  26. 26. leahhh Said:

    he broke the mirror in half then put it back together. two halfs make a whole (hole) get it?

  27. 27. Mudkip Said:

    @ comment 7

    Sounds like the man is in an interrogation room, except that the reflection of the wall you’re referring to is the double-sided glass. I say he tells to police/FBI what they want and they let him out. :P

  28. 28. Quaidjohar Haji Said:

    First of all, Tell me where he got in over there in that room??? As the water is now getting over my head as the author has also disappeared after posting the puzzle.

    And By the way thinking out of the box means think out of our limits and it doesn’t means that he is trapped in a box. I am now completely fedup with the lame replies posted above.

    Common guys either post some sensible replies and just dont post’em…

  29. 29. John24 Said:

    Room is not totally enclosed and is missing at least 1 wall.

  30. 30. Miller James Said:

    It’s a Picture………. of a man in the room.


    Miller Cousin (TiBo)

    He is not in the room and/or he behind the mirror. ORR… It’s a video playing or something ;-)


  31. 31. Fat Guy Said:

    How do you know he is in the room if there is no windows?

    He might just as well be in the toilet next to the room.

    And how did he get there in the first place?

  32. 32. Gary Holmes Said:

    The man is Tdeguzman.

    This Tdeguzman is so patient: He never made any comments May 28 thru June 22. Neither clarifications. Nor answers.

    Possible answers:

    1) There r only 1 ceiling, 3 walls, and 1 floor?

    2) Ceiling does not cover the whole room?

    3) No windows. But there are window holes?
    (No door. But there is an entrance opening.)

    4) “6inches of concrete” means height, length, or width, not thickness?

    5) Trying to make some sensible connection between “mirror” and “trapped in room”:
    5a. No mention re Mirror Size. The mirror is longer, wider, or thicker than the room dimension.
    5b. When the man looks into the mirror, he sees a monster. The monster helps him to break through concrete wall (assumed 2b 6-inch thick) — the same way as he walked in, as Laura & Karl suggested…
    5c. The man can see the 4th dimension thru mirror? So, he gets out of the 3-dimensional confinement.
    5d. The mirror is 1 of the 4 walls?
    5e. He looked into the mirror and thought he was in a room with 4 walls?

    6. The “Hint” bothered me more than helping:
    6a. “think outside the box” means the man is not boxed in inside the box (room)?
    6b. The room is not a boxed room…?
    6c. The “box” means the “boxed thinking”?

    7. If we take the face-value of the “Hint”, then it means what it said, “The Tdeguzman is outside the boxed room. He thought he is inside, looking thru the mirror.”

    To: Karl,
    Would u pls consider adding a House-Rule? Answers have 2b in within 2 wks? 3 wks?

    Thank you!

    Gary Holmes

  33. 33. Gary Holmes Said:

    To: Karl S,

    Hope u would b able to read this msg?

    Pls kindly read Response 46, Item #8…, concerning Quiz “Man In Room”, posted May 28?

    Exactly 1 whole month by now. Tks!

    Gary Holmes

  34. 34. Karl Sharman Said:

    Hi Gary,

    There was a “House Rule” that the answer be posted after 1 week, unless the debate still rages! This was on the old Trick of Mind. I shall ask Rajesh to see if we can get back the old set of rules on the page.


  35. 35. TiiMMYz Said:

    John was very much right when he said ‘you look in the mirror saw what he saw, take the saw and cut the mirror in half, two halves make a whole, jump through the hole and out to freedom’, except in the one i know there is a table with him and he just rubs his hand on the wall to make it sore and then uses the saw to cut through the table puts it together two halves make a whole and he just walks out through the hole.

  36. 36. ishigomass Said:

    walk out a door never said no doors

  37. 37. Bojiminy Said:

    i thought a lot about this one and came up with nothing. until i “thought outside the box” the only solution that i could be happy with is that the man in the box has help outside of the box, and others open the box for him.

  38. 38. Fat Guy Said:

    All he has is a mirror that he’s holding, but no-one saw the magic Harry Potter wand he had shoved up his ass…

  39. 39. Andrew Said:

    He looks in the mirror and sees what he saw. he takes the saw and cuts the box in half. Two halfs make a whole. he goes out of the hole.

  40. 40. jags Said:

    if i were put in such a room, i would probably end up breaking the mirror and slitting my throat with it, or alternatively die of suffication or thirst. which ever death suited me at the current time.

  41. 41. KWolff Said:

    The box is actually representative of a computer (box). The room is a virtual location. The mirror could represent his alternate “virtual” identity (avatar). Thnking “outside the box” is what the person typing on the keyboard is actually doing. He could simply type his way out:)

  42. 42. J_daze Said:

    no doors and windows.. he can climb out through the empty window frames or simply walk through the empty doorframe? (:

  43. 43. mark Said:

    he looks through the mirror and sees what he saw, he uses the saw to cut the mirror in half , two halves make a hole(whole) and he climes though the hole

  44. 44. jdawgbfrog Said:

    1) I bet you the man is dead and this is his grave.
    He is buried 6 feet under in a box of concrete 6 inches on all sides and there is a mirror in his coffin.

    2) OR our galaxy of ever expanding space eventually end when we come to a massive wall of concrete that is 6 inches thick; sort of like the bag of marbles at the end of men in black.

    3) Perhaps the man is not real, but rather a toy in a time capsule?

  45. 45. Spencer Said:

    What if the room is made of concrete and biodegradable renforcement. The renforcement decomposes and the walls crumble. Or if there is a light source, he could make a laser out of a pair of eyeglasses and the mirror. If only he had a nonomatiogram…

  46. 46. Mr. Wonderful Said:

    U kno…the answer to this question is just a play on words right? John, #18, already answered it.

    If you don’t believe me there is a NCIS episode that says the same thing d=.

  47. 47. Your name Said:

    he looks in the mirror and sees what he saw; he takes the saw cuts the mirror in half, two halves make a whole and he crawls through the hole.

  48. 48. mightbewrong Said:

    I think maybe he is standing outside the room, looking into a mirror that makes him appear to be inside. all he would have to do is look away form the mirror.

  49. 49. Martin Said:

    The answer is wordplay! The answer below is correct.

    you look in the mirror saw what he saw, take the saw and cut the mirror in half, two halves make a whole, jump through the hole and out to freedom

  50. 50. Mangesh Surve Said:

    Simple, If there are no windows doors ( It seems like windows without doors). He will come out from window.

  51. 51. 123Tai_mai_shu Said:

    well is sep 13 2010, no repsonse from tdeguzman

    the man is in a room lookin at the box with no walls, doors.

    it has a a floor and ceiling. that is covered by 6 inches of concrete…. he gets out the room by droping the box on the floor and go through the rooms door. he was never trapped and the is pointless, there to throw u off.

  52. 52. vanessa Said:

    John was right and so was another guy who said that there is suppose to be a table in the room too. I have heard this one before. the man looks in the the mirror, looks around the room and then looks back at the mirror and sees what he saw. the man then grabs the saw and uses the saw to cut the table in to two halves. he then put the two halves together to make a whole. He then jumps in to the whole and out of the box.

  53. 53. DarkBishop Said:

    okay for one the riddle is missing something because the riddle goes as this : “a man is in a solid room with 4 walls a roof/ceiling no doors and no windows. as in each wall fully encloses him in this place. the floor is concrete and the walls are 6 inches thick concrete as well, all thats in the room is a mirror, a TABLE and himself. how does he get out” the reason people cant seem to get this is because the person who posted it didnt post it correctly…the answer is, he looks in the mirror and see’s what he saw, he takes that saw and cuts the table in half, two halves make a whole<-(hole). he climbs out the hole. its more of a verbal out loud answer considering it takes words that SOUND alike and changes them

  54. 54. DefiantNoise Said:

    I see no answer here which does not directly contradict the logic of the riddle. I suspect it’s an anonying answer which doesn’t make sense. Astral projection perhaps? But since it looks like I’ll never get an answer, Im just going to delete the anonying gadget that brought me to this page

  55. 55. Julian Said:

    im assuming this is one of the ones i heard. if so there is meant to also have a table in the room.

    then it goes he looks into the mirrow and see what has always saw. Take the Saw cut the table in half. 2 halfs make a whole. CLimb out of the whole

  56. 56. Peter Said:

    Im guessing the guiy who posted this is stuck in that room

  57. 57. Jason Said:

    he opens the door – no one said anything about a door not being there

  58. 58. Jason Said:

    wait a minute, now I got it figured out – provided only with the information you gave, he does the following” You look into a mirrror, and see what you saw. You pull out the saw and cut the ‘box’ in half. Two halves make a whole, and you jump out through the hole.

    Normally when people ask this riddle they include a table in the room.

  59. 59. Bryan Said:

    He looks in the mirror. He sees what he saw. He takes the saw. He cuts the table in Half. Two halves make a whole. He climbs out the hole.

    This riddle was in N.C.I.S. Season 7 Episode 24. Show Title = Rule Fifty-One. Gibbs tells it in the beginning of the show.

  60. 60. Trogdore5 Said:

    There is no table Bryan
    I have heard this riddle though and that is the answer if he said there is a table

  61. 61. interesting Said:

    Im amazed at how many people (i counted 14) posted “he looked in the mirror and saw what he saw…” come on people! its not that hard to come out with an idea that someone else hasnt already posted! for example, the question only says that HE has a mirror with him. there could be someone else in there that has a jackhammer or something. the walls could also be a hologram or something, and he could just walk through them. see? i just came up with 2. not that hard.

  62. 62. Erik Said:

    **===OFFICIAL ANSWER===**

    Learned this one in gifted class. There is also a table in the room (one minor detail forgotten). Said man looks into the mirror and sees what he saw. He takes the saw, and cuts the table in half. He then puts said table back together, and two halves make a whole, through which he climbs out of said room.

  63. 63. Gerald Said:

    he looks in a mirror turns around and sees what he saw then take the saw and cut the table in half then two halfs make a hole and he jumps and escapes through the hole

  64. 64. tyler Said:

    Answer is simple. There are multiple… 1. He pulls out his cellphone. Calls up Ironman. Ironman rescues him. 2. The box is inside of his mind. The man is in a coma. He cannot escape due to tragedy/shock. He sees the outside through the mirror. Escape is only possible when he can conquer his own ailment. (just cuz first answer is stupid doesnt mean all will be). 3. The question only mentions there is no windows or doors. Why can their not be a hole in the wall? 4. The man cannot leave because he is an amputee. 5. The said man is not necessarily alive… The box represents his soul’s tie to existance. He cannot leave the box due to his own fear of losing existance. 6. We cannot say he gets out the way he got in, due to the fact that he very possibly could have built this room around him… Ill make the assumption that the box is a cube simply because the dictionary i have next to me describes it that way.. (no its not a very good dictionary… so thats why its still an assumption… i wouldnt use this for class for damn sure.) Now. If the box were in fact a cube. A cube is the same from all sides. Therefore, the ceiling and floor are both no different from the walls. The floor is whichever side is flat on the ground. Here I confuse myself due to sleep deprivation. If all sides of the box are the same and theres no windows or doors, and due to the question I’ll assume there must be some exit or means of escape, then there are infinite possiblities of escape. Well, at least 6.

  65. 65. tyler Said:

    Not to mention ive been up for like 40 hours straight and I assume I’m quite young compared to all of ya’ll… 14 y/o. So don’t expect my level of thinking to be on par with a more developed mind.

  66. 66. Spoe Failberg Said:

    The mirrior (i think) is a large vanity mirror and behind it lays a door. he just needs to move the mirror and walk out

  67. 67. Spoe Failberg Said:

    Or he’s in a dream. How else could he have gotten in there.

  68. 68. jmikeargabrite Said:

    you look in the mirror and see what you saw, you saw the table in two and two halves make a whole you climb through the hole and you are a free man.

  69. 69. kitkat Said:

    he looks in the mirror and sees what he saw then he uses the saw to cut the mirror in half and two halves make a whole ( hole ) so he uses the hole to escape the room !
    i like chickens !

  70. 70. stack Said:

    its not the full riddle the full riddle has a table in it. he looks through the mirror. he saw what he saw and used the saw to cut the table in half. 2 halves make a whole and went through the whole to freedom

  71. 71. JG Said:

    The Cement is wet and he uses the mirror to move the cement out of his way so that he wont be covered in cement! Its so obvious.

  72. 72. Kit Said:

    Take the mirror and see what u saw, take the saw and cut the mirror in half, 2 halts make a hole jump thru the hole and now ur out!!

  73. 73. Tom Said:

    He leaves the same way he got in.

  74. 74. riggers Said:

    He also has nail clippers which he uses to cut out the air vent and climb out (He makes a papier mache air vent and copy of himself so none knows he has gone)

  75. 75. charity Said:

    he looks in the mirror he sees what he saw he takes that saw cuts the table into half two halves equels a hole he climbs out through the hole and is free

  76. 76. lucio sattamini Said:

    Charity is right!! Are you watching NCIS, honey???
    By the way, in the quest there is no table…. the guy forgot that part.

  77. 77. Jeremy Caron Said:

    The play on words thing is just stupid and it doesn’t make any sense. If this were a real situation you could not just “make a whole and jump out the hole”.
    So you people need to stop making things up.

    Break the mirror and carve at the wall with it until you are out. Hey… they did it in Shawshank.

  78. 78. eric Said:

    i get it i jus dont get where the table came from if all he had was a mirror in the room with him

  79. 79. le9 Said:

    i know the answer for another one like this…
    There is a man in a room with no windows and doors, how did he get in?
    It was built around hi.
    He only had a mirror AND A TABLE, how did he get out.
    He looked in the mirror,
    and saw what he saw.
    He took the saw and cut the table in half.
    Two halves make a whole.
    He climbed through the hole :D

  80. 80. Chris Said:


    Whole: an assemblage of parts that is regarded as a single entity.

    Hole: an opening into or through something.

    So the saw was also used to cut the “w” of the word “whole” to make the word “hole” – but even then you can’t climb through the word “hole”.

    I’d be stinking rich (instead of only stinking) if all I had to do was to write the word “gold” and got some gold.

    Jeez, I’d stopped seeing the humour in this riddle by the time I was 6 years old – tops.

  81. 81. Peter Said:

    o.k I did not read any comments so here we go.
    The man looked in the mirror. he saw what he saw, he saws the mirror in half, two halves make a whole so he leaves through the hole

  82. 82. sincerii Said:

    How ever he got in is the way he should get out…

    Dats Krazy wats det answer

  83. 83. sam_11 Said:

    Rub your hand on the wall untill sore with the sore, cut the mirror in half then get in the hole and shout untill your hoars get on the hoars and ride away.

  84. 84. sam_11 Said:

    also forgot to mention the two halves make a hole ;)

  85. 85. derek Said:

    he looks in the mirror and saw what he saw. he used that saw to cut the table in half. two halfs make a hole.

  86. 86. BetterthanU Said:

    he looks in the mirror and sees what he saw he takes the saw and cuts the mirror in half. He put the halves together to make a hole then he climbs out the hole

  87. 87. matt Said:

    the way he gets out is to have a friend knock the ceiling down than a wall

  88. 88. rhiannon hoefer Said:

    I can think of a few solutions:

    1-the walls come up to his shoulders. the ceiling causes him to bend over six inches. the ceiling is not connected to the walls and he pushes it off. (the room is small so he needn’t push far)

    2-the mirror is one of the walls. he runs at it (the room is half a football field long) and jumps in. it shatters and he is free.

    3-he is in his parents’ basement. his mom moves the chair from over an opening in the ceiling and throws him down a ladder. he climbs up and is out of the room. his mom climbs in to use the mirror.

    4-he is underground in a sewer flow control room. (the concrete is for security) there is a six inch by six inch hole in on wall. there is light coming from an identical hole above him. he positions the mirror to shine the light through the wall and the security guard ties a rope to the wall and pulls. (the wall is not connected to the rest of the room)

    5-(sorry this ones gonna be kinda long i’m getting bored)the scene is an ancient Egyptian tomb.
    there are four seven foot by seven foot concrete walls. the one opposite you has weird markings on it. in the center of the floor there is a sun dial. off to one side, but still on the ceiling, there is a six inch by six inch hole. (again, i know :P ) he has one five foot by five foot mirror on the wall. he unhooks it and puts it on the ground, bending it until it breaks. it is now three mirrors. he props one piece up against one wall, so the light from the hole catches it. he then moves to where the light from the first mirror hits the ceiling. (he is chewing gum) he sticks his gum on the ceiling about two inches from the light dot.he connects the mirror diagonally, so that the light hits the floor one foot in front of the first mirror. he positions the third mirror four feet above the ground. he holds it just right and the light hits the center of the sun dial. the patterns on the wall begin to glow and then spread as cracks to the edges of the wall. the wall separates into chunks between the cracks. the chunks recede, and he drops the third mirror. the wall closes. he breaks a chunk of gum off the one holding the second mirror and uses it to literally hang the third mirror, but he does it at an angle. it shines on the sun dial… yada yada yada… the wall opens… yada yada yada… he escapes and a boulder rolls after him… yada yada yada… he jumps over a pool filled with crocodiles… yada yada yada… the boulder falls in… yada yada yada… he jumps out into the light and climbs down a flight of steps. there is a sunset ahead and… well, i bet you know the whole, “hero walks off into the sunset” business, right? if you do, then you know the rest… for those of you who don’t know it, then i guess the “hero just looks at the sunset…

    BTW: for those of you who actually wasted enough time to read this, you should know that i am really sorry it was sooooooo long… i like writing stories, if you couldn’t tell before… *blush and pant exhaustedley* (sorry dont know how to spell that last word.

    :P :P :P :P

    Interesting, your answers are, well, interesting. i come up with one semi-original, three originals, and one COMPLETELY ORIGINAL STORY-BOOK / ADVENTURE-MOVIE solution!!!

    BTW: all you other peoples, i didn’t even use TABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 89. OwMyHead Said:

    He never got out. He realised that just by seeing something he cannot magically create a saw from thin air, so he broke the mirror with his hands but this just shattered into a thousand pieces, realising he did not have 2 pieces to make a whole/hole he gave up and stabbed himself with the broke glass – this was his only way out.

    His name was tdeguzman.

  90. 90. FireBall Said:

    He looks in the mirror and see what he saw then take the saw and cut the mirror in half and put them back together to make a whole then climb out that hole.[Hint the words are not spoken for what they really are

  91. 91. Gus Said:

    FireBall’s right, after he;s out he screams until he’s hoars then the gets on his horse and rides away

  92. 92. Adam Said:

    This is like Schrodinger’s Cat. How do you know the man is actually in the room if there are no windows or doors? Since you cannot know whether he is or is not in the room until you open it to look inside, the man exists in a superposition where he is both in AND out of the room at the same time. If you open it and he is not in the room, problem solved. If you open it and he is in room, well, you just let him out. Congratulations. Problem solved.

  93. 93. Akcent Said:

    Very good, I accept that answer and can finally move on to other things, thank you =)

  94. 94. Prussia Said:

    The riddle is not complete, it should be a man is in a room with four walls six inches thick, the only things with him are a mirror and a table how does he get out?

    The answer is:
    He looked in the mirror to see what he SAW
    He took the SAW to cut the table in HALF
    Two HALVES make a (W) HOLE
    He leaves getting out of the (W)HOLE

  95. 95. jan Said:

    Why do some people assume that the riddle is not complete. Just because you know of a similar riddle with a table? Maybe this riddle is just harder.
    And everyone posting the same lame solution is annoying as well.
    The alternative solutions were far more interesting and creative.

  96. 96. jan Said:

    One post cracks me up though. The guy mentioning gifted class and announcing his answer as the official answer.
    You meant gifted class and not special ed?

  97. 97. Kim Owens Said:

    People outside the box have many resources available which could get the man out….SO MANY MORE than the man. The ways this might be accomplished is so vast that the actual answer is basically “with help from outside the box”!

  98. 98. Rhanni Said:

    he rubs his hands until they’re saw
    cuts his shoes in half
    two halves make a whole
    he climbs through the hole
    shouts until his voice is hoarse
    escapes on the horse.

  99. 99. Tommy Said:

    He doesn’t get out. He looks in the mirror, sees a weeping angel, and either gets sent back in time where this will happen repeadedtly until he gets turned to stone from looking at the angel.

  100. 100. bob Said:

    There’s no door so he can just walk through the doorway

  101. 101. Joel Todd Said:

    This is super annoying because it’s not realistic. I understand riddles that try to have a little fun but if we’re living in a world where word play creates physical objects you might as well say the mirror is actually a two way mirror, he breaks through, and leaves. By the way, when you rub your hands together, they don’t get “saw” they get sore. That’s even a stretch is this reality.

  102. 102. me Said:

    The one I was taught when I was a child is . A man was put in a room with no windows or doors and the only thing inside was a table, how did he get out? The man looked round the room and saw the table, he used the saw and cut the table in half, two halves make a whole, he climbed through the hole and shouted and shouted until he was hoarse so he jumped on the horse and galloped away.

  103. 103. Sam Said:

    It says think outside the box so think outside the box and you are out

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