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Drinking in the Desert

Posted by JG on May 25, 2011 – 6:38 am

A man was trapped in the desert for two weeks. He had no food, no water, and nothing to help him find a way out of the desert. Somehow, the man drank as much water as he wanted. How did he do it?

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  1. 1. nolefan33 Said:

    He drinks his own urine. Or he digs a hole in the sand until it fills with water.

  2. 2. Karl Sharman Said:

    First, do not ration your water. However, If you drink more than you actually need, you will pass it out in the form of urine. And, when you urinate, check the color of your urine. Dark colored urine indicates you need to increase your water intake. I recommend that you have a least one-quart of water for every two lost. But, remember, less fluid will NOT result in less sweat! In extreme heat, you may not even feel yourself sweat because the sweat evaporations very quickly. Always be on the look out for sources of additional water.

    So, you need water, right? Not sure where to find it? Well, here a few suggestions. Not all of them work all the time. But, all are worth the attempt. First, keep in mind that water flows downhill. That means that water may be at low points in your area.

    One place to look for water, using the above information, is on the outside bend, lowest point, of a dry streambed. Do NOT dig for water during the day; you will lose liquid from your body you might not be able to replace. Do not do anything that causes you to sweat that is not necessary. Keep that water inside of you!

    Another possible water source can be added by make a solar still or using condensation bags. However, both methods require plastic sheets of material.

    Alternatively, he didn’t want to drink any water, as he preferred Coke, and he had several container loads of that….?

  3. 3. JG Said:

    Keep in mind that it is a desert. There are no rivers, streams, pools, etc. He has nothing to drink with him and he does not drink his own urine.

  4. 4. John24 Said:

    Deserts at the North and South Pole contain ice which can be melted into water.

    Deserts also receive a minimal amount of water per year, so maybe this was the rainy season.

  5. 5. JG Said:

    Good job John24, the first one was right.

  6. 6. Andy Said:

    He also just might not have wanted any water. Then he would “have drank as much as he wanted”.

  7. 7. aditya Said:

    why do you not tell…..

  8. 8. Max Said:

    Catti store large ammounts of water inside them.
    He could slice one and drink as much as he wanted.

    Is that right?

  9. 9. YaMam Said:

    Easy, He drinks his Spit OR slaver :D

  10. 10. Sarah T Said:

    Easy, a desert could be in a cold environment with nothing but snow so he can take snow and melt it in his mouth then drink it

  11. 11. ally Said:

    i dunno

  12. 12. JG Said:

    These are all good answers. Sarah T got it right too.

  13. 13. shubham Said:


  14. 14. RC Said:

    He died. Therefore, he could not want any water and couldn’t drink any water either.

  15. 15. Joseph_the_nerd Said:

    If he doesn’t want to drink any water, then he can drink all the water he wants to without drinking any.

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